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Leos like attention and reassurance that you french hook up culture them. They despise competing with other people for your love. They are absolutely the wrong sign to try to make jealous. Leos are natural leaders, even in their relationships. They hate being told what to do and work best with people who let Leo be the star and are happy to follow rather than lead. Every Leo is ambitious, they need a partner who supports their career, not one that whines about how much time they spend together while the Leo major dating anniversaries busy trying to realize their dreams.

Like other fire signs, Leos can be a bit dramatic. Dramatic displays of affection never feel over the top to a Leo. In your relationship, a Leo will never stop trying to impress you. They love being admired and it lights a fire under their ass to keep winning you over, every day. Life with a Leo is not dull. An ideal date for a Leo is one that lets them shine. They want to create a life they get to share with those they love. Leos are very sensitive, but hide it well. In bed, Leos are all about affection.

They love giving and receiving praise and challenging each other to make sex better and better. Of all the signs, Leos can be the most low-maintenance and easy to keep happy. The best Leo relationships are built on a solid foundation of flattery. Brought to you by thought. Hateful or weaponized writing. Spam or misleading text. More from Thought Catalog.

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Leo & Leo: Love Compatibility